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We offer a variety of modalities to ensure that you receive the ultimate wellness experience.  Each treatment is designed specifically for you with your own unique healthcare needs in mind.  Below are some of the services that may be used during your treatment session.



An ancient medicine developed in China that has been used for many centuries to safely treat many health problems.  Fine solid sterile needles are inserted beneath the skin at special points in the body.  Sometimes we use electroacupuncture and apply a mild current to the needles to further potentiate your treatment.

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A potent medicine that has been used in every culture around the world, special herbal blends are crafted and designed to address physical imbalances as well as assist the body in its natural ability to heal.  We use only the finest quality of herbal products including Dao Labs and CocoGlow. We also offer customized herbal formulas crafted just for you.



Cupping works by creating a suction on the skin to stimulate underlying tissues which increases blood circulation and promotes cellular repair. This helps to break up adhesions, which allows for better lymph and blood flow and frees bound muscular tissue. Cupping really shines as a pain reliever and also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. All of this combined will leave you feeling extremely relaxed after a cupping session.

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In this vibrational medicine, we use tuning forks, singing bowls, and other musical instruments including voice, to encourage deep relaxation and stimulate the healing processes of body.  Sound can help remind the body of its natural equilibrium and balance.

Good manners on a man are like wearing an exquisite suit. They never go out of style. copy


Essential oils have been shown to help with many ailments including reducing anxiousness, boost energy, and aiding the immune system.  They can be applied directly to the skin through carrier oils (acupoint aromatherapy) or simply inhaled to access their therapeutic benefits.



Using stones for their healing properties has long been a part of many cultures, including Chinese Medicine, for many centuries. All stones have their own unique qualities that can address physical and emotional health concerns. They even have acupressure points that correspond to them! Stones can either be placed directly on the body or in your space to have their desired effect.



Nutritional Counseling aims to treat imbalances in the body through therapeutic eating and supplementation.  Not big on dieting, we prefer to support you by offering recommendations for making healthy food choices that are right for you. We have meal planning options as well!

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