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New Patient Appointment (85 minutes)- $139

Includes wellness intake, customized full body acupuncture session, and a treatment plan tailored just for you with recommendations on herbs, supplements, dietary and lifestyle choices.

Follow Up Appointment (55 minutes)- $99

Includes a full body acupuncture session and follow up on your treatment plan.
Return patients only.

Express Follow Up Appointment (25 minutes)- $59

Includes auricular and distal (hands and feet) acupuncture and treatment plan follow up. Return patients only.

Herbal Consult (25 minutes)- $59

Herb consults are available for non acu patients. After a wellness intake, we will craft a custom herbal blend catered just for you. Cost does not include herbs.

Cupping Session- (15 minutes)- $39

Cupping stimulates the skin and underlying tissues to increase blood circulation and promotes cellular repair. It also helps to break up adhesions, which allows for better lymph and blood flow to free bound muscular tissue. Return patients only.

Specialty Treatment (55 minutes)- $111

In this unique session, we utilize many modalities including  acupuncture, sound therapy, aromatherapy and stone medicine to balance
the elements and clear the chakras leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Save when you buy a bundle!

Five Pack of Express Follow Ups- $255 (save $40)

Five Pack of Regular Follow Ups- $445 (save $50)

Five Pack of Cupping Sessions- $175 (save $20)


Cupping- $12

Gua Sha- $12


Sound Therapy- $12

Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds- $12

Topical CBD- $10


Magic Moon Medicinals

Bath Bombs- $12.99

Herbal Salt Soaks- $17.99

Acu Roll Ons- $17.99

Dao Chinese Herbs

Joint Vitality- $30

Immunity Support-$25

Womens Formula $25

Digestive Harmony- $25

Emotional Balance- $25

Physical Tranquility- $45

Mental Tranquility- $45

Coco Glow Chinese Herbs

Classic (Balancing, Energizing, Tonifying)- $30

Broth (Nourishing, Warming, Strengthening)- $30

Detox (Metabolism, Cleansing, Digestive Support)- $30

Beauty (Purifying, Collagen Boosting, Hydrating)- $30

Vital Body CBD-

Extra Strength CBD Cream- $60


Moxa Kit- $4.99

Crystal of the Month- $3.99

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